Вівторок, 3 Серпня, 2021

    The Ukrainian mile. The domestic company introduced a delivery robot concept

    International holding Modern-Expo, specializing in retail equipment manufacturing, created a concept, promising efficient delivery to the consumer

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    Designed by a Ukrainian company, Mebius is an autonomous courier robot, proving quick and convenient delivery of goods to customers.

    The system consists of an innovational electric terminal with autonomous controls, a container for goods, and two assisting drones. 

    The new project allows customers to choose convenient time and place of delivery and monitor its progress in real-time. It is equipped with all necessary sensors, a control system, and an interchangeable module for goods (with batteries).

    “The demand for automated delivery is constantly growing and the industry is developing really fast. Automated robot systems with autonomous control will replace the human couriers in no time”, — the company experts believe.

    Thanks to the computer synchronization systems, self-controlled robots may move in columns or, in case of need, independently. 

    Mebius is a smart high-tech service, which can resolve the challenge of “the last mile” — the most complex and expensive link in the entire logistic chain.

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